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My wife knows my cross-dressing, and I know sometimes I go dogging. Since most Doggers know, you get dead nights and days, and sometimes it's great. This is what happened to me during the summer months in the afternoon. undewear all wore white satin, corsets, al4a stockings, al4a underwear, etc. petticaot very soft and white satin and lace dress and boots pvc sissy. My makeup was great because my wife has helped, and the coronation was my long dark blond curly wig. It was very quiet at this time, I left the car and entered a quiet and pleasant with a few tables. A walk through my cleaning a wonderful feeling and the idea of violence was a real turn on. Suddenly I heard a whistle turned in the direction it was, but could not see anyone. I got one of the picnic tables and sat on the end and the feeling daring, spread their legs. Then from the direction of the alarm came from this boy appeared, followed by another. I felt very vulnErable at this time. Ths man first and then said, ' Hi honey, looking for some fun ?' I smiled and nodded. They caught me and put me carresing everywhere felt the sky and melts only in the joy of court. He got up and turned me around and told me to lean over the picnic table. Who was I to argue. The next thing I know is that my wrists with a rope and stretched and tied the other al4a end of the table. Then my ankles were bound and dragged outside and tied to the legs of the table. Next blidfolded me. Damn, that was always a bit frightning at the same time, exciting ! ' are now sissy right foot a little fun,' said one of them. I heard a movement in front of me and one of them pushed his erect penis against my mouth. Not one to refuse a deal to open his mouth. Gradually pshed to deep within me, until it almost tickled my tonsils. The other man, meanwhile, carressing my thighs and buttocks. He pulled my underwear to On the one hand, and I felt a finger al4a probing my pussy male. Then I felt that I did was lube. Suddenly, he continued his beautiful cock made ​​me cry in! At the same time, my mouth full length of the key to others. I was on the spit, as if no tomorrow. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. al4a seemed endless, I just continue to pump. Then I heard someone whisper and al4a some other method. The man took out his penis in front and I thought I would change places with your partner. However, no officer was to pump me from behind. The next thing I know, there's a pussy on my face and told me to start licking. Wow. Now I was in heaven. Who the hell was as soft as a baby 's ass and was so wet. It was pure nectar. She was more moist and humid, and I was licking all. The woman then said, ' Come on, fuck the bitch harder. ' I thought I recognized the voice from somewhere, but I thought, no, no can someone know what is. I was in bliss as I cOuld not matter anyway. Then I felt the man behind empty its load into me, mmmmmmm, wonderful. Then the blindfold was removed. 'Hello,' she said. I looked up al4a and there was my wife. 'What the..... ' and before I could finish saying what I wanted to make a ball gag al4a in his mouth. She just smiled and blew me a kiss. I was shocked, my wife had not shaved her pussy in his life, although I had asked on several occasions. Do you have the table and went and put on the picnic table other. There were also two other boys had not noticed before. The condemned man, my mouth went to my wife spread her legs and put his huge cock deep into her shaved pussy. Then the other took his cock and offered it to his mouth. She al4a took it willingly. Now would be roasted in their saliva. What a show! Shagged Me You make no sense. Then the ball gag was removed from my mouth. The man who pushed his load straight shot back to me now cock in my mouth. With everthing that was done before I forgot the fourth chapter, which was, until I felt a huge cock into me from behind. I could hear my wife moaning with joy. Soon she was moaning in the same way. What a sight it must have been, my wife and her husband sissy spit roast two at a time The four boys appeared to go further. They al4a exchanged a couple of times and finally shot his load in our various holes. I had never al4a seen his face so all at once, and my wife. My wife sat down and talked with two of the boys for a minute or two while he was tied yet. He said, ' Goodbye girl, until next time. ' My wife came and asked how I liked and I told him probably as much as you do. She said she had this planned, but only two of the boys, the second of two to stumble by accident on our way to fun. was not finished with me yet. He untied the rope from the table and told me that they areon my back and tied me to the table. She got to the table and forced me to lick all the cum from her pussy. Once set let me go. We went home to discuss our little adventure and excitement that was. al4a She said she may have other plans for me, but we have to wait and see. I can not wait, right?
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